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mini pocket knifeMini Pocket Knife Review

What is the most important thing to have in a survival situation? If you had to choose one thing in an emergency, what would it be?
Radio, gun, phone, knife, flash light, compass, food or water?
My number one priority is always “Knowledge”. Knowledge is the one thing that will get you out of an emergency while another person perishes. Fancy gadgets are useless if you lack the knowledge needed to survive in an emergency.
But If I had to choose one gadget or tool to get me through a survival situation, 99% of the time I would choose one thing.
After knowledge, the best thing you can have in a survival situation is a good quality knife.
As far as survival tools go, nothing is more important. A good quality knife is so important that people need several options within easy reach at all times.

mini pocket knife

Knives helped us Become the Dominant Species on the Planet

In fact, it’s this simple tool that made homo sapiens the most successful species on the planet.
Let me explain…
2.6 million years ago meat became a significant part of the pre-human diet. It was this calorie rich diet that led to greater brain development. The use of small tools like rocks and sticks went along with this brain development.
These simple tools evolved into basic cutting utensils. From a knife made of bone to flint then to metal blades.
With these tools came the ability to hunt and kill animals. Higher protein diets, from eating hunted animals, evolved the brain to what it is today.
Rather than eating foraged fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds .
As this study in Nature shows, processing and eating meat came naturally to early humans.
Without a diet including animal protein, we would not have become the modern, verbal and intelligent humans that we are today.
In a survival situation you will potentially be reduced to basic tools.
The ability to eat calorie dense foods, like meat, can be the difference in surviving.
Having these basic tools gives you the ability to hunt and kill prey, make shelter and to defend yourself.

It is for this reason that I say a knife is by far the most versatile of all survival tools.

A good quality knife should be a lifetime purchase. The best quality knives will out last their owners.
Top quality handmade knives can cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000. Even at that price it is one of the best investments in your survival kit that you can make.
At the very least I would suggest people have a good quality bush knife. Like a Kukri or Parang. A multi tool and a mini pocket knife would be important back up cutting tools.
Of these, the mini pocket knife is your absolute last ditch survival tool. They need to be light and easy to carry. And will need to be on you at all times.
A mini pocket knife in your kit is an insurance policy against a complete disaster…

Why you always need a mini pocket knife on hand?mini pocket knife

A mini pocket knife gives you the ability to:

  • Make traps
  • Kill game to eat
  • Prepare game
  • Skin animals
  • Light fire
  • Make shelters
  • Make cordage
  • Open nuts and shellfish
  • First aid
  • Amputate limbs and free digits (like Aron Ralston)
  • Cut tubers and plants to extract water

In one single tool you have the ability to cover most of your basic survival needs.

To this end I’ve been looking for the best mini pocket knife that people could have with them all the time.

A Small Compact Knife or Mini Pocket Knife for that ‘Just in case things go totally wrong situation’

To be clear, I’m not talking about your main bush knife or a multi tool but a simple basic back up tool to have in case you need it.
This would be your absolute worst case scenario tool. A tool that you would have with you at all times. In case a scenario unfolded where you don’t have any of your other survival gear on you.
You could store in a survival tin or carry it with you.
It makes sense to build up any survival kit from the worst-case scenario. It’s absurd planning high tech, long term survival when you can’t support your basic needs first.
When your expensive survival doohickey breaks and stops working, you will be exposed.
mini pocket knife
It pays to start with the basics first and build from there.
That’s why the Invictus Survival articles to date have been on the fundamentals of survival.
We could talk about some very advanced survival strategies. But there is no point until we have covered the important fundamentals first.

Long Search to Find the Right Mini Pocket Knife

I’ve been looking for a mini pocket knife that I could recommend to people for over 12 months now.

I’ve looked at lots of different designs but nothing quite cut the mustard. I looked at credit card knives and small multi tools.

Many of which had a “that’s neat” factor but what’s the point of bottle opener attachment in a survival situation. Especially when you can open a bottle with the back of a knife anyway?

Criteria for a Mini Pocket Knife

There were a few things I thought about when coming up with a potential knife. This all comes back to Function and Practicality. It may sound weird because it’s so obvious, but, the knife must do the job it was designed to do.
I found lots of gizmos and gadgets. Many that would get people excited because of the novelty factor.
But when put into a survival situation, it couldn’t be relied on. Or knife design so complicated that they would break given a bit of real world use.
I’ve looked at credit card knives, multi tools and all manner of compact knife design. Some of which I will admit had a cool novelty factor. But they were impractical for a real world survival situation.
Out of all the designs I looked at, the simple mini pocket knife was the clear winner and the best tool for the job.
A mini pocket knife must meet all the criteria set below;

A Mini Pocket Knife is Small and Lightmini pocket knife

For the knife to be with you when you need it most, it has to be small and light.

It needs to be portable enough that you would carry it around with you. There is no point having a tool that is not with you when you need it most.

When your kit gets impractical to carry, it will get left behind. That’s human nature.

A Mini Pocket Knife has to Have Good Blade Thickness and Quality Steel

A knife blade needs to be good thickness. This will avoid the blade breaking and allows you to keep it sharp. You will need to get good quality steel to make sure the blade keeps its edge.

A Mini Pocket Knife Needs to be Durable

While there was lots of interesting knife designs. Many are so complicated that maintaining quality in such a small tool could be difficult.
Or very expensive.
I found that the simplest designs were the best.
The more simple the design, the more durable the tool. Less things to go wrong means that the tool was less likely to break.

A Mini Pocket Knife Needs to be a Knife First and Compact Second

Again, this goes to the “neato” factor that I found with many of the other designs.
Some of which were so compact that they were; Compact First and a Knife Second.
They were compact, but their functionality as a knife decreased. To the point where it was no longer practical.
Some designs were so impractical, it would have been easier to improvise a different solution. Rather than use the tool.

A Mini Pocket Knife is Safe and Legalmini pocket knife

Any mini pocket knife needs to be safe. There is no point having a tool that will cause injury in a survival situation.
As a police officer I am not going to tell people to break the law. Different states have different laws around carrying knives. Be sure to know what they are.
I also don’t like concealed carry knives as a general rule. While there are a few circumstances that they can be useful.
I would argue that they can cause more grief than they are worth.
Far better to carry your survival tool more openly and deal with any attention in an honest and open way.
On a practical level, I would not advise carrying a knife that was so concealable that you forget that you have it.
I gave the way you carry a mini pocket knife a lot of thought. Both from a legal and a practical level.
Out of different options I found a keyring carry the most useful. Since you are most likely carry your keys with you whenever you leave the house. Keyring hooks can give you options to place the knife on your belt.
When you go through screening points the knife is with your metal keys and you are less likely to forget you have it. Therefore, you can check the keys into your check in luggage before screening.
On a keychain, you are not trying to conceal it but it also doesn’t stand out.

mini pocket knife

Much easier to explain why you have it than a knife that is designed to be concealed. It will raise less suspicion about your motives when carrying in this manner.

A Mini Pocket Knife is Cost Effective

The knife had to be cheap enough that you get one for each member of the family without spending a fortune.
You can buy some very high-end pocket knives. But many people would find it hard to justify spending so much money on a back up tool. If things go according to plan, will hardly be used.
So, any knife had to be cheap yet good quality.
So that is the main criteria I applied to my search. And as I said I looked at many different designs and weighed up the pros and cons of each.

The Invictus Survival Mini Pocket Knife

In applying the K.I.S.S principal (Keep It Simple Stupid) I found the best design was a basic pocket knife but half the size. A regular pocket knife is a bit too big to fit into the small and light criteria.
Remember the mini pocket knife is designed to be a last line survival tool. If you lost everything you had, this knife is the one thing that will help you survive until you get to a safer position.

mini pocket knife


A Mini Pocket Knife will help you perform Immediate Survival Tasks:
· Build a fire
· Build a shelter
· Perform some basic first aid
· Make traps
Ideally you will never need to use the knife in a survival situation. 
Because if you do, you know things have gone wrong. You no longer have your main survival equipment. You’re cut off from help and possibly injured.
The worst position you can be when in a survival situation.
We have found a supplier that produces the best quality and value for money mini pocket knife around.
As a said before, I’ve been looking for a mini pocket knife for over a year.
I thought I found a good one a few times but there were some small features that didn’t quite work.
But I’m glad to say that I’ve found one that I can finally recommend.
And this one meets all the criteria explained above.

Weight and Dimensions;


The knife itself only weighs 35 grams or 1.2 oz.
That’s about the same weight as 3 house keys.
Unopened, the knife is 6.5 cm long or under 3 inches. When opened the knife is under 10 cm or 4.3 inches.
So, it’s incredibly small and light. Yet the blade is still a practical length.


The blade is made from 3Cr13 Stainless steel. This is a Chinese Stainless steel that is similar in quality to 420J2 (AUS4). This steel is highly resistant to corrosion.
Since this knife is not designed to be used every day, but rather as a last resort survival tool.
Having high anti corrosive properties is of great benefit. This means that the knife can be carried around for years and the blade will be like the day you bought it. 3Cr13 Stainless steel can also be sharpened to a high degree.
The blade has a hardness level of 56 HRC. This is the hardness applied for professional German kitchen knives. The blade will remain sharp with normal use and can be sharpened easily.

Invictus Survival Mini Pocket Knife – Pro’smini pocket knife

Is a knife first and compact second  

One of the most important criteria. While this knife is small, it still functions as a knife first.
It has lost none of the practicality of a pocket knife while being half the size.

Small Light Compact

As mentioned above the knife is hardly heavier than a couple of extra keys on your keyring.


Simple all metal construction means that the knife is incredibly durable.

I’ve been using one as key ring for a few months now and I’m very happy with how it’s performed.

The five rivets have held fast and tight. It’s been dropped a few times and it’s been fine.

In an emergency I am confident that this knife will perform to my high expectations.


The scalloped handle stops your hand from slipping. Very important with such a small knife.
The knife feels good in the hand. Good thumb scalloping means you to have great control for fine motor work.
Curved handle makes the knife compact but comfortable to use.
Small blade guard makes sure that your fingers will not slip onto the blade. This is a very important feature and one that was lacking in many other designs we tested.
The hilt design makes it possible to attached a lanyard.

Thick stainless steel blade  

The blade is thick. It won’t break. You will be confident that it won’t fail when you rely on it the most. Able to sharpen this blade for years.


The knife itself is not that expensive. While there are better knives available, they are also 5 times the cost. Cheap enough for people to buy multiple knives. Have them available to family members and located in different places, like your car or work.
This is by far the best quality knife available for such a reasonable cost.

Invictus Survival Mini Pocket Knife – Con’s

No blade locking

There is no locking mechanism, which is hard to incorporate in such a small knife. But the shape of the knife and the use of a finger guard mean that the chances of the knife closing when used is zero.
On trialing other knives I found that they had a tendency to close when used in certain ways. Not so with this knife.

Made in China

There is no getting around it. For a knife to be this cheap there is no way we could get it made in a Western Country. But SOG and Gerber knives come out of the same factories. So you can confident that you are getting decent quality.


The verdict…

The mini pocket knife is the perfect item to have as your ultimate back up tool. Used as a keyring and easily passed off as a bottle opener.
The best thing about this mini pocket knife is that it is a Knife First and Compact Second. It is small but it will function as a real knife, which can be lifesaving. It’s not a compact knife that does not perform in a real situation.
Cheap enough so you can buy several and have them available to everyone in your family.
It represents excellent value for money given its good quality and overall practicality.
The mini pocket knife is small and light, it’s unlikely to be left behind and so it will be with you should you ever need it.
I use one as a key ring.
It should be remembered that this knife is not designed to be your first option in a survival situation. That’s what your bush knife and your multi tool are for.
The small size and functionality of this mini pocket knife means that you will always have a small back up tool on hand.
A real insurance policy, with you at all times.

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