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What to Look For When Choosing an Emergency Sleeping Bag

Sleep can be as important for survival as food. A good night’s sleep will help fend off a lot of the fear and anxiety that comes with being thrown into a challenging situation. Ensuring that your shelter is suited to the environment you’re in and selecting the correct emergency sleeping bag may be critical factors to your survival in an emergency or a survival situation. Many people each year are killed by exposure to the cold. And of these people many have died from exposure because they have been totally unprepared for the environmental conditions they are in.
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Using a Fire Plow to Build a Fire Without Matches

You can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, if you do it the right way. Using a fire plow is easier to set up than a fire drill because it doesn’t require any tools or rope to make it work. It takes some effort but in experienced hands it can be an efficient way to start a fire without matches. It will take some time to become proficient so patience is key and practice is a must.
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